Co-Active Coaching model

What is co-active?
The co-active model balances self-awareness and promotes a sweeping dance through relationships, encouraging venture some actions towards creating a space where individuals can realize themselves, link to others, and succeed in what’s really important.

The “co” in co-active describes relationship, connection, intimacy and cooperation. The “co” within us is our deep curiosity and attentiveness. The “co” within us catches nuances, allows others their space and enables intuition and nurture.

The “active” in co-active represents strength, direction, action and outcome. The “active” within us is daring, clear, decisive, takes command, and realizes goals.

The magic happens in the dance between “co” and “active“. That’s the action that grows out of being present, and from a deep relationship and essentiality that is beneficially directed to dynamic doing and giving.

The co-active model gave rise to a philosophy, methodology, group of skills, and form of communication implemented in business, education, medicine, government, communities and families, and throughout the world.

(Based on the CTI website)

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