Leading change –coactive leadership

The coactive leadership program shapes leaders who are self-aware, sensitive to the human climate surrounding them, and able to motivate others towards new targets.

Who is a leader? Which values distinguish leadership? Why does human society need leaders? In our current global village, a world characterized on one hand by integrative knowledge about human history in general yet hit, on the other hand, by extreme and dangerous upheavals, these questions become more relevant than ever.

Society behaves in a very herd-like manner. A good leader identifies a need for change, knows what that change should be, and successfully inspire others to become the group that, together with the leader, implements the change. Leaders can step up to the role from any place at any time in any situation. Are you a natural leader? If so, the coactive leadership program can empower you to reinforceyour capabilities and use them beneficially in all areas of your life.

This innovative leadership coaching is based on the coactive model. Joining the program takes you on a journey that passes through 4 stations:

•Working on your inner self by leveraging your creativity,and awareness of your internal strengths and obstacles

•Working in cooperation with others. This develops the abilityto create authentic dynamic relationships, and identify others with the skills and strengths that can motivate them towards mutual alliances for the purpose of engenderingchange.

•Working with the environment. Awareness and abilities that allow you toidentify and direct the human environment’s emotional energy in a beneficial positive manner towards joining forces with you.

•Working with the situation as-is. Enhancing the ability to function from the perspective of internal conviction even when the environment is unresponsive or responds negatively.

Society has a growing need of real leaders able to bring about change. Real leaders integrate deep self-familiarization, awareness of the need for change, clear purposeful orientation, and the ability for self-expression, all of which develop through the program to allow new leaders the tools which drive others to follow in their footsteps.

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