Look forward, not behind

There’s no arguing with success: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s FEEDFORWARD method jumpstarts a company’sefficiency and profitability.

The line to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s door is some 100 managers longand theyrepresent the world’s successful companies. Why? Because when they come to him, they find proven effective methods on how to attain purposefulness. Goldsmith’s coaching tools are planned to provide individuals, groups and organizations with future oriented suggestions that help them reach positive change in human relations in their work environment. Using his methods, managers learn how to reach better business decisions while avoiding decisions that cause expensive errors and wasted time. Bottom line: Goldsmith’s method leads to reduced expenses and increased profits.

Dr. Goldsmith completed his doctorate in business management at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) with honors. In 2015 he was recognized as the #1 leadership coach in the world, one of the top 5 thinkers in the world of management, as well as one of the 10 top influencers in the field of business thinking. With 35 bestsellers in business management, translated into thirty languages, he currently splits his time between writing, training managers in the Dartmouth Business College, and coaching managers in his Feedforward method.

So what is Feedforward? The commonly accepted approach in the business world is that every manager needs to give feedbackto her or his subordinates. For a long time it was viewed asthe only way amanager could guide employeesinto more efficient error free outputs. But is that really true? Goldsmith asks,and answers with an unequivocal “No!” The past is static and unchangeable. The future, on the other hand, offers countless opportunities. Instead of looking back at the past’s errors, focus on the future’s promise, filter out the best options from your possible range, and get your employees to work in that new direction. Instead of feedback, Goldsmith coined the term “feedforward.”

Goldsmith’s password is “Focus on a positive future instead of a failed past.” We admit it: so many companies owe him their prosperity thateven though it sounds strange, this doctor, apparently, has got his diagnosis right!

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