When everyone talks peace…

CNVC is the global Center for Nonviolent Communication established by Marshall Rosenberg. Its objective is to teach us how to speak in a different language and change the reality around us from being steeped in violence to being a reality infused by attentiveness and compassion.

NVC, or nonviolent communication, isn’t new. It’s existed in human culture since humans have existed. It’s a natural state of compassion embedded in each of us, a state where our hearts are free of violence.

But it’s not easy to release violence from our hearts since violence derives from our survival instinct to protect and attack, an instinct present in every living creature on earth. Humanity, however, which has now reached peaks of strength, has also reached peaks of hatred, animosity and violence, whether person to person, in the form of international tensions, or unprecedented violence towards nature.

However, beneath this cladding of violence echoed in social networks and every form of media outlet, we find a growing wish and awareness among more and more people to seek change in human nature, moving from destructive violence to constructive nurturing.

This is where NVC comes in. As a form of communication, it teaches us how to be attentive to our own internal needs and those of others. NVC is a language that heightens our ability to discern the emotions driving our activities and the values we want to live by. It also helps us free ourselves from guilt, judgmentalism and the need for control. NVC lets us, as social beings, sense the depth of pleasure in contributing to the welfare of others no less than to our own wellbeing.

The revolution that NVC encourages begins with the individual, but as increasing numbers of people adopt and acclimate to this language, it trickles down and impacts others in our environment, from politicians to police, from economics to social services, and so on.

NVC is a global institution operating in more than 65 countries worldwide. If the language we’re using here speaks to you, find out where your nearest NVC community is and get involved in communication that leads to change.

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